Volunteer One: Hello, I am a rising senior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School. As I am applying to college next year, there is a level of trust I am putting into each school. I must trust that I will be provided with opportunities that will open up my future and perspectives, as well as that each school will seek to maintain the safest working environment possible for its students. I heard about College 911 through Linkedin, and was intrigued by the description of the organization. After just a few minutes of visiting the website, I learned that a significant percentage of deaths on college campuses are caused by preventable accidents. This devastated me, and caused me to lose a sense of trust for the colleges I am applying to. I feel that the COREY act is vital to be established in the senate, as it ensures and enforces that proper action will be taken when dealing with an on-campus accident.  As a high school student, I am not prepared to respond to someone who is hurt at a scene, though I expect there to be a facility who does and who are also able to educate me on how to help. Through this act, I have faith in the future of safety on college campuses.  Not only will faculty be able to respond in a smoother manner, but the act will also ensure that students understand the proper action to take when at the scene of an on-campus emergency. I have trust the COREY act will fill an existent void and improve the future of college community safety.

Volunteer Two: Hi! I just graduated Staples High School, and will be attending the College of William and Mary in the fall as an English major. I recently became a volunteer for College 911 after hearing about this incredible organization at my high school ski team banquet. Once I learned of College 911 I did a quick google search to see if any preventable deaths had happened on the campus I would be at in the fall. The amount of articles that popped up were astounding. I went down a rabbit hole reading about all of these different accidents that have happened on different college campuses in America. Not only was I shocked, I was a little scared. So I went to the College 911 website and learned of the medical emergency checklist which will help students (and parents) prepare for if a student has a medical emergency while away from home. Completing those steps, and doing the proper research that College 911 recommended already made me feel better about being nine hours away from home, and my parents too. But just because I am prepared does not mean the inevitable cannot happen. Which is why the COREY act is necessary for the safety of college students. The COREY act will keep students safe by expanding on the transparency of colleges, so students truly know what they are getting into. This transparency will also aid high school students in their decisions on where to apply, by providing the students the accurate information on the safety of the colleges. The COREY act will help alleviate the emotional and psychological stress and burden for both students and parents that comes with leaving home for the first time. Especially when the distance is more than a quick car ride. I leave for Virginia, a nine hour car ride away, in less than three weeks. The COREY act would make me feel so much safer in this new environment.

Volunteer Three: Good Afternoon, I’m a rising junior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, and I’m planning to go into Medicine. I joined College911 last year at the prompting of my older brother, who thought I’d bring a new perspective to college911 after he had seen me study for my emergency medical license. More than anything, working in an ambulance taught me the importance of time.  Level 1 Trauma centers can provide complete care for any injury with a 15-minute response time of 24/7 doctors. Sometimes an extra minute of attention, faster response, and greater care can mean the difference between life and death. Within the COREY act is a call for the required reporting of the closest level 1 Trauma center, and I fully believe this addition will save countless lives. I’ll be going to college in a few years, and I’m excited to meet new people, be an eager student in new classes and have a variety of new experiences, but among those experiences, I’ve been thinking a lot about unavoidable statistics, that 10.8% of college student deaths are accidental so how can I be sure the next addition to those statistics won’t be classmates, friends or even me? By requiring colleges to report, tally and analyze incidents resulting in serious physical injuries or death, we gather data necessary to change unsafe buildings, roadways, and practices before they hurt someone else. In supporting the COREY act, we ask that you minimize these unspeakably tragic losses in our communities and create positive growth for future generations.