Our Team

We are a grassroots all-volunteer organization dedicated to

saving lives and expanding college safety.

Nanette Hausman – Founder/Team Leader

Why College911.net™?

When my beloved son Corey died from what began as an preventable accident just 15 days into his freshman year of college, my family was stunned and remains saddened in an indescribable way. The tragic series of events and circumstances didn’t make sense, at any level. My personal quest for answers began and continues with an eye towards saving other families from experiencing a gut-wrenching loss like ours. College911.net™ has evolved into new ways for students, young adults and families to prepare for medical emergencies that are now available. It also strives to empower our universities/colleges and public health agencies by providing evidence-based information to expand their investment in college safety and save lives.

This Initiative has sustained me and I am grateful that it has progressed largely due to a dedicated team of volunteers and compassionate legislators.

Ira Gorelick

Ira Gorelick – Information Management

I am founder and curator of the @lantis learning network – a free, interactive learning network.  I retired from Verizon after a thirty-five year career in Communication and Information management. I teach graduate-level courses, publish Interactive eBooks on Communication and Information Management, and have written multiple academic articles.  My contribution to College911.net™ is helping to build a user-friendly and secure “College Safety Library and Database” so that students, families, colleges, health care, and other stakeholder groups will have access to the best safety information available. My goals are: to help parents and students with their decision-making and planning, enable colleges to prioritize investing in all areas of safety, and ensure public health agencies have actionable information to develop best practices.

Benjamin Disraeli, said, “As a General Rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.”

Eva Hausman

Eva Hausman – Advisor/Editor

Corey Hausman was a beloved family member and his sudden death has created a void which cannot be filled. This Initiative offers families, sending their children off to college, the opportunity to better inform themselves about emergency medical care. Moreover, Nanette Wilbern Hausman has dedicated her life to College911.net™ in the hope of preventing another family from experiencing a devastating loss. She is “a force of nature” and my hero.

Eva is a retired Social Studies Educator- 30 years in Hartford and Simsbury Public Schools.
Co-Founder – Mothers’ Day Movement/mothersdayovement.org
CT- ADL – Board Member/ Education Committee

Liz Milwe

Liz Milwe – Community Advocate/Advisor

I contribute to College911.net ™ because I care deeply about the Hausman family and keeping all kids and young adults safe. This Initiative will help build safer college communities and save lives by combining legislative change with public health education.  

Lauren LoFrisco – Publisher/Communications Strategist

I am driven to build strength in numbers for College911.net™ so I contribute to the communications to enhance the outreach for promotion and partnerships.  Expanding the audience and the voice for College911.net™ and improving education outreach is fundamental to the mission. As a friend of the Hausman family, I have felt and witnessed the pain from their tragedy. And as a working mother of two college-age young adults, I have experienced my own challenges associated with transitioning my children to become independent as they move away from home. There is a need and an opportunity to educate both the parent and the child in order to support their health, safety, and personal development.

Sara Kempner

Sara Kempner – Engagement Specialist

I contribute to College911.net because its common-sense practices will protect families entrusting to colleges their students’ wellbeing. This Initiative not only sheds light on woeful inadequacies in college safety but offers practical policies to promote student health.

Teen and Young Adult Advisory Board

United in expanding college safety and saving lives.

Arushi Mallarapu

I’m Arushi Mallarapu, a sophomore at Fairfield Ludlowe High School in Fairfield, Connecticut. I was first introduced to College911.net™ by my brother, Rushil, a college freshman, for whom this unaddressed cause was exceedingly pertinent. As an Emergency Medical Responder, learning about such heart-breaking incidents going unmeasured and not addressed publicly was appalling, and became a catalyst for my involvement. I’m proud to be part of this grassroots organization where hard work pays off in the most gratifying of ways. 

William Bean

William Bean

I work with College911.net™ because I was a close friend to Corey’s and the Hausman family. I was lost in confusion and disbelief after learning of the tragic news in September 2018. I recognize that college safety requires innovation and utmost recognition to provide the best experiences, security, and information to students and families. College911.net™ has a unique opportunity to empower Corey’s legacy, educate students and families, and create meaningful, progressive works. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2021 with a major in Real Estate Finance and minors in Entrepreneurship and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Ellie Kravitz

Corey Hausman was my best friend; a radiant, warm, kind soul. His genuine love for life and for others was contagious. The type of guy that made sure everyone felt included, especially me, the new kid who moved into the same neighborhood as him. We were attached at the hip, the Romeo and Juliet of Saugatuck Island (without all that foolish family feuding.) Corey was, and is, the best friend to have and my best friend. He would be so proud of this college safety initiative, and would be beaming over his mama’s dedication to making sure that everyone has a safe college experience like he deserved to have.

Rushil Mailarapu

Rushil Mallarapu

I am a freshman at Harvard College, planning to study a blend of
chemistry, physics, economics, and government. I joined College911.net™ both knowing it was an excellent cause with lots of momentum and in hopes of getting an idea of how well I was suited to political work. My main focus is on liaising with officials and policymakers in the hope of passing legislation mandating transparency and openness surrounding college safety.

Michael Vallerie

Michael Vallerie

Corey Hausman was one of my closest and without-a-doubt funnest friend for a decade before he passed away. This loss has perinantly impacted my life and contributing to College911.net™ is one way i can make a difference in honor of Corey. One of my contributions has been to attest to the lack of  evidence-based information about college accidents and deaths. Since my emediate career goal is to perform research, supporting this safety initiative through looking for relevant data is most fulfilling.

Elizabeth Crager

I am involved because I was exposed to an issue that grasped my attention immediately, College Safety. I believe it should be put on everyone’s radar and it has gone unaddressed for too long. I’m proud to advocate for safety by making suggestions most students likely haven’t even thought about. Being able to engage with our  Legislators to help expand the investment in College Safety has been most rewarding.

Meridan Pengue

Meridan Pengue

I’m Meridan Pengue, a senior at Newton Country Day School in Boston. As a previous neighbor and family friend of the Hausman’s I was deeply impacted by Corey’s tragedy and was motivated to help make a change in college safety. Through my involvement in College911.net™, I have learned the importance of emergency care and spreading awareness. As an upcoming college student, I’m confident this organization will make a difference and saves lives.

Daniel Ratley

Daniel Ratley

I work with College911.net™ because it is an essential organization working to improve the safety, health, and awareness of US college students and their families.  When I heard of the tragic and devastating story of the Hausman family, I wanted to help effectuate change and bring college safety awareness and preparedness to families of current and incoming college students.  As a freshman at Grayson County High School in Leitchfield, Kentucky, I have worked with KYA model government advocacy program on advancing the reforms the COREY Safety Act calls for at both the state and federal levels.  I am committed to advocating for critical legislation which will save the lives of teens and young adults.


Kate Smith 2

Kate Smith

My name is Kate Smith and I am a rising senior at Staples High School.  College911.net™
immediately caught my attention as a soon-to-be college student.  This internship was an
opportunity to engage in a meaningful cause that would one day affect me, but also millions
of other students.  I want to do what I can to make colleges safer for generations to come.

Ivy Sun

Ivy Sun

My name is Ivy Sun, and I am a rising sophomore at Hopkins school. College911.net™ is such a personally relevant and meaningful cause for me, as a student. I believe that college safety is an important yet unaddressed issue, and I am proud to be spreading awareness and helping young adults, as well as their families, prepare and be ready for the risks of college.

Maxwell Guan

After seeing the aftermath of my father’s car accident and recognizing the ubiquity of speeding, I researched, conducted experiments, and communicated with my headmaster, state legislators, police officers, and even the US Secretary of Transportation about the issue, to implement or advocate for a policy that amends the current transportation safety enforcement program. Especially with the pandemic, the surge in reckless driving behaviors became more apparent, which further aggravates speeding – this calls for a necessary adaptation where voices from young adults must be heard to drive that change. Upon attending a Yale Traffic Safety Committee conference, I was introduced to College911.net™ – an organization where I believe I could receive the support needed to impose change, spread awareness, and garner traction by working with like-minded peers and adults.