It was early in the fall of 2018 and Corey Hausman was still settling into his dream school – CU Boulder. His two older brothers had just helped him move into his dorm a few weeks prior. Corey could not have been happier. He was going on hikes, throwing the Frisbee on the quad with new friends, and playing his guitar all night with his dormmates. He had just gotten his first paper graded, and had called home with the good news. We were enjoying a relaxing Tuesday evening at home, cooking and watching TV. Everything seemed normal, and then the phone rang.


  • Help families prepare for potential medical emergencies and consider access to emergency care during the college selection process
  • Spark legislative change to create metrics to identify, manage and minimize all angles of college safety
  • Incentivize more investment in campus infrastructure/safety programs in order to reduce campus accidents and deaths