Log of Emergency Calls



6:45pm – Call 1 – The Nightmare Begins

We received a voicemail from an unfamiliar number – Corey had been in an accident and was sent to a local emergency care facility. Helpless and almost 2000 miles away, we called the number back immediately.

6:46pm – Call 2 – More Details Emerge

The ER Doctor disclosed that Corey had fallen from his skateboard while traveling across campus. We were stunned, but somewhat hopeful given the fact that he was alert and fighting his care when admitted.  He was put in a medically induced coma, and was considered to be in stable condition. He was put on a “wait and see” protocol.   

8:30pm – Call 3 – All Hell Breaks Loose 

The general surgeon called to inform us that Corey needed an emergency surgery to relieve pressure in his skull because “all hell broke loose” during a procedure to insert a pressure gauge. Time stood still. We became overwhelmed with the realization that there was nothing we could do.

11:17pm- Call 4 – The Call Nobody Wants to Receive

The Neurosurgeon on call informed us that the surgery was not successful. We were strongly encouraged to make an extremely difficult decision and cease any further life-saving procedures.  He died early the next morning. We boarded the next available plane to Colorado to make arrangements to bring Corey home.