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College911.net™ is an initiative to minimize college student accidents and deaths. Our legislative efforts serve to make lasting and necessary change to the college safety landscape on both national and state levels.


Capital Building

Legislative Goal

enact or amend legislation to expand transparency around college accidents and student deaths across the us.

College Safety Outcome

Expanded Transparency will reduce college student accidents and deaths, by creating opportunities for positive community partnerships, and provide vital safety information.

The link below this paragraph takes you to an online advocacy landing page for the COREY Safety Act where you can send an email to your senators and representatives in the U.S. Congress.


Here are the links to both the new House bill (a different number than last year’s intro) and the one to the Senate.

The COREY Safety Act–S. 2461/ H.R. 4903

Corey Safety Act Sep 2023


COREY Safety Act – H.R. 8406 Gains Momentum in Congress

October 4th and 11th: US Representatives Ted Lieu (D-CA-33) and Mike Quigley (D-IL-5) stepped up to cosponsor H.R. 8406 making it 12 total representatives from most regions in the US and both parties. These sponsorships attest to the broad appeal of the reforms the COREY Safety Act call for.    

September 30, 2022: US Representative Don Bacon (R-NE-2) united with nine committed House Representative’s to move H.R. 8406 forward.

September 13, 2022: US Representatives Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA-1) and Julia Brownley (D-CA-26) joined their House colleagues in H.R. 8406 Cosponsorship.

August 26, 2022: US Representatives Lucy McBath (D-GA-6) and Jason Crow (D-CO-6) raised their hand to cosponsor H.R. 8406.Their support indicates the non-partisan and federally appropriate nature of the legislation.    

July 18, 2022: US Representatives Joe Courtney (D-CT-2) and Jim Himes (D-CT-4) announce a House bill (H.R. 8406 “COLLEGE OPERATIONAL REPORTING OF EMERGENCIES INVOLVING TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS SAFETY ACT OF 2022 “, the COREY Safety Act.  Representatives Jahana Hayes  (D-CT-5), Michelle Steel (R-CA-48), and Victoria Spartz (R-IN-5) stepped up without hesitation to be original bill sponsors.This bipartisan group of legislators coming together signifies their issue focus commitment and that the COREY Act addresses urgent concerns that have broad concern.


State of Connecticut Sets New Standard for College Safety

August 26, 2021: Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont hosted a ceremonial bill signing at the state capital, underscoring the significance of a new state law effective July 12, 2021- CT Public Act 21-184 “AN ACT REQUIRING THE REPORTING OF ACCIDENTS THAT RESULTED IN SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJURIES OR DEATH AT INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION”. During the event, Nanette Hausman, the founder of College911.net™, stated that “the initiative taken by the Connecticut Legislature is monumental and deserves tremendous recognition.” She stressed the importance of the partnering with Connecticut colleges as SB954 moved through the Higher Education Committee and state legislature as evidenced by the support extended by UCONN’s AVP of Public Safety, Hans Rhynhart, through written testimony. In addition, “this state legislation begins the push for essential national change so that students, colleges and public health agencies across the US can benefit from expanding transparency around college safety and the emergency medical care services available in our college communities. On a very personal level, this legislation gives Corey’s life meaning well beyond its way too short 18 years.” Both Governor Lamont and LTG Bysiewicz committed to support extending this legislation to the national level.

Pictured with Governor Lamont and LTG Bysiewicz, are Senator Tony Hwang, Representative Irene Haines, members of the College911.net™ Young Adult Advisory Board (YAAB) include Arushi Mallarapu, Meridan Pengue, and Michael Vallerie, members of Corey Hausman’s family (Joel, Nanette and Lucas) and, ardent supporters of the reform initiative, Former State Senator Slossberg and VIjay Kodumudi. Not pictured is Senator Will Haskell, co-sponsor of SB 954. 


 July 22, 2021 UPDATE: At the Westport Public Library, College 911.net™ recognized State of Connecticut Senators Haskell (dem) and Hwang (rep), pictured left below, for their bipartisan legislative leadership and safety advocacy. Each senator was presented with a certificate acknowledging their partnership with College911.net™ and commitment to expanding college safety. Additional certificates will be presented to CT LTG Bysiewicz, CT Senators Slap and Witkos, CT, House Rep’s Rojas, Haines and Elliott and UConn AVP/Chief of Police.(https://college911.net/legislative-action/recognition-and-partnership-advocacy/).

Pictured (right) with the Senators are members of the College911.net™ Young Adult Advisory Board (YAAB) include Brendan Carney, Rushil Mallarapu, Kate Smith, and Will Bean, members of Corey Hausman’s family (Joel, Nanette and Lucas) and Jeff Mitchell, an ardent supporter of the Initiative. Additional YAAB members not pictured include Elizabeth Crager, Meridan Pengue, Ivy Sun, Ellie Kravitz and Michael Vallerie.

June 9, 2021 UPDATE: On the final day of the legislative session, the Connecticut House of Representatives voted unanimously (131-0) to pass Senate Bill 954. It was clear that there was ardent support for the bill, however it was unclear if the bill would be called to the floor before the end of the session. Momentum created by the Higher Education Committee, Connecticut State Senate, select House Representatives, Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz and the College911.net team pushed this bill to the front of the line for consideration. Forty-three other bills were also on the “Hot List,” including the controversial bill calling to legalize recreational cannabis.

House Majority Leader Rojas treated SB 954 as a priority, and only needs Gov. Lamont’s signature before expanding Connecticut College Safety Reporting to include serious accidents and accidental deaths. House discussion and vote can be found on College911.net™  YouTube Channel. Or Click below to view.


The Senate discussion and vote leading to House consideration can be found on the  College911.net™ YouTube Channel. Or Click below to view.

Without a doubt, the bipartisan commitment from the Bill’s initial Co-sponsors (Sen. Haskell (dem) & Sen. Hwang  (rep) and CT’s Higher Ed Committee’s energetic support (Sen. Slap (dem), Rep. Haines (rep), Case (rep)) created the needed momentum heading into the Senate.

An Overview and Public Hearing Testimonies which introduced the Bill can be view on the College911.net™ YouTube Channel. Click below to view.

The momentum of the CT Legislation is unprecedented! The rationale used by the College911.net Team and support provided by key bipartisan legislators shows an important pathway to begin meeting College911.net’s legislative reform goals.

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