Legislative Success & Updates 

College911.net™ is an initiative to minimize college student accidents & deaths.  Our legislative efforts serve to make lasting and necessary change to the college safety landscape on both national and state levels.


June 9, 2021 UPDATE: On the last day of the Legislative Session, CT House voted unanimously to pass Senate Bill 954. Momentum created by the Higher Ed Committee,  Senate, select House Representatives, Lt. Gov. Bysiewicz and the College911.net Team put this Bill in the front of the line for consideration. The votes were lined-up but calling it to the Floor before the Session’s end was in question. Forty-three other bills were also on the “Hot List,” including one calling to legalize recreational cannabis.

SB 954 was treated as a priority being called first by House Majority Leader Rojas and only needs Gov. Lamont’s signature before expanding Connecticut College Safety Reporting to include serious accidents and accidental deaths. House discussion and vote can be found on  College911.net™  YouTube Channel. Or Click below to view.


The Senate discussion and vote leading to House consideration can be found on the  College911.net™  YouTube Channel. Or Click below to view.

Without a doubt, the bipartisan commitment from the Bill’s initial Co-sponsors (Sen. Haskell (D) & Sen. Hwang  (R) and CT’s Higher Ed Committee’s energetic support (Sen. Slap (D), Rep. Haines (R), Case (R)) created the needed momentum heading into the Senate.

An Overview and Public Hearing Testimonies which introduced the Bill can be view on the College911.net™ YouTube Channel. Click below to view.

The momentum of the CT Legislation is unprecedented! The rationale used by the College911 Team and support provided by key bipartisan legislators shows an important pathway to begin meeting College911’s legislative reform goals.

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Legislative Goal:

enact or amend legislation to create transparency around college accidents and student deaths accross the us.

College Campus Safety Outcome:

increased investment in college infrastructure/safety programs and protocols that include access to best possible student emergency medical care

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