Ways to Improve College Safety

Please reach out to your Congress members (US House Representative lookup/Senators by State) to request your U.S.House Representative. “cosponsor H.R. 8406 currently being circulated in the House” and your Senators “sponsor a new Senate bill calling to expand college safety reporting similar to the House bill H.R. 8406”. Each member of Congress should have a “Contact my Washington D.C.Office” on their .gov websites. Here is a link to House bill H.R. 8406.

Suggested SUBJECT: Request Critical Legislation to Expand Public College Safety Reporting and Accountability – H.R. 8406    

“As a constituent”, request that “protecting young lives in our college communities should be one of their top priority and calling for reforms that H.R. 8406 call for will save lives in our college communities.     

As their constituent and a voter, include your home address in your outreach.