Medical Emergency Checklist

Attention Parents/Guardians!

If your son/daughter needs Emergency Care (911) on-campus, what happens? How about off-campus? Please find out and consider:   

How and when will I be notified?

Which hospital will they likely be taken to? Does that hospital have a Level 1 Trauma CenterIf not, when does transport to this highest level of care occur? 

❏ What medical rights do you have if your son/daughter is 18 or older? Do you have downloadable access to their HIPAA/HCPOA (Health Care Power of        Attorney) forms allowing you to share their records and make healthcare decisions on their behalf if they are unable to? 

❏ Asking for roommates and their parents contact information.

❏ Visit the Campus Health Center, read online reviews.

❏ Who do YOU call on campus if you have an emergency at home and can’t reach your son/daughter? 

❏ Are rails supplied for loft/bunk beds? Ask before move-in day. Check with who has done the research. 


Attention Students! 


Did you know, once you turn 18, you have the responsibilities of an ADULT for your medical care. This means that YOU are in control of your own care.  Here are important things to consider: 

Sign/download/have accessible IMPORTANT Medical/Mental Care waiver & permission forms. Connect home & college caregivers. Requirements/forms differ by college and state. Out-of-state students may need different forms for home and college states.   

 ❏ HIPAA can allow access to your Medical/Mental Health records.

 ❏ HCPOA (Healthcare Power of Attorney) allows assigned guardians to make your healthcare decisions if you are not able to.

 ❏ Add and keep up-to-date your emergency contacts (EC’s) in college portal. This is typically your parents/guardians.

❏ Is there a communication plan between your Mental Health Care providers at home and school? Each state may have unique requirements/waivers. 

Always carry with you:

 ❏ ID, Insurance Card, Medical Info/Medic Alert Card with your EC’s listed? 

Utilize the Smartphone Health app to update your Medical ID, Emergency Contacts, and allow Emergency Access to your Health Profile. When the *Emergency/SOS feature is set-up properly and accessed (or an emergency call is made), it will:

 ❏ Automatically notify your EC list and send them your location.

❏ Allow an Emergency Team to access your Medical Profile without a passcode.

 *Set-up & access varies by iPhone & Android model. Check on-line or call the manufacturer for your model’s Health App & Emergency Access instructions.  

Remember to always call for emergency services from the phone of the person needing help. If a friend needs urgent help, call for assistance from their phone!