Medical Emergency Checklists

Attention Parents/Guardians!

If 911 is called on behalf of your child, where will they be taken?  

Do you know: 

  • Where the nearest Trauma Level 1 Medical Center is located? 
  • What circumstances dictate transport to this highest level of care? 
  • How you will be notified if your child is involved in an medical emergency on campus? Off campus? 
  • What medical rights you have if your child is over 18?  
  • About the quality of the campus medical center? (read reviews online)
  • Your child’s roommate/parent contact info?   
  • Who to call on campus in case of emergency?
Attention Students!

Once you turn 18, you have the rights & responsibilities of an adult in your medical care. Things to consider:

  • Did you sign a HIPAA release providing a family member rights to access medical records in the event that you need help with your medical care?
  • Did you consider executing a Medical Power of Attorney? 
  • Do you carry in your wallet an ID, Medical or Medical Alert Card which includes emergency contacts in case you lose your phone?

Use the iPhone Health app: Settings–>Health–>Medical ID 

  • Is your Medical ID up-to-date and set to allow access by first responders?
  • Are your emergency contacts established? They are automatically contacted with your location if 911 is called from your phone.
  • If a friend needs urgent care, call 911 from their phone.